What’s Compelling About Our Writing?

Associating with the content of any piece of writing is down to a few basic and very personal viewpoints;

  1. Does the topic appeal to my personal values?
  2. Is it laid out in an easy to read style?
  3. How does it begin?
  4. What will I learn from reading this? ie: will my time be well-spent?
  5. Will I enjoy reading it?

You see, we all differ in our preferences and so not everyone will enjoy the same style of writing; it’s got to mirror the style our target audience likes.

So then we must define our target audience first and foremost. This approach is often referred to as defining our niche market.

In business, we can choose from business to business (b2b) or business to consumer (b2c).

Where it’s a more personal piece of writing, it’s different; we need to bring in demographics. These consist of age, gender, location, lifestyle, religion and class. It’s often best to choose your own demographics to start off. Personal knowledge will give you a head start; research will expand your horizons and your target demographic profile.

Compelling writing will only work if you are compelled to work towards understanding your target audience; at Compelling Writing Ltd, this is exactly what we do.


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