Hello and thank you for being here.

You have landed on a page which showcases the Anthology I recently self-published (December 2017) which contains the open and raw true-life stories of over 30 Authors and business owners.

I am proud to have been involved in such a warming, collaborative venture with 2 friends without whom it would have been impossible.

Sam Lyndley is my Spiritual, Intuitive Career Mentor and the facilitator of a Facebook Group of the same name (Discover Your Purpose) and Evelyn Whitebear is an incredibly talented Creative Artist, who designed the book cover along with the beautiful Mandala illustrations contained within.

I, on the other hand, devised the book, designed the layout, edited each contribution and wrote my own too, before self-publishing it through Amazon. It is my finest work to date and I have been in the commercial writing arena for many years.

All the profits are being donated to the Mental Health Foundation, making this book a ‘Work of Heart’.

Intrigued? Get your copy at http://www.Amazon.com or http://www.Amazon.co.uk.

Thank you.

Andrea Nicole. x


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