Discover Your Purpose – The Anthology

Discover Your Purpose – The Anthology

Hello and thank you for being here.

You have landed on a page which showcases the Anthology I recently self-published (December 2017) which contains the open and raw true-life stories of over 30 Authors and business owners.

I am proud to have been involved in such a warming, collaborative venture with 2 friends without whom it would have been impossible.

Sam Lyndley is my Spiritual, Intuitive Career Mentor and the facilitator of a Facebook Group of the same name (Discover Your Purpose) and Evelyn Whitebear is an incredibly talented Creative Artist, who designed the book cover along with the beautiful Mandala illustrations contained within.

I, on the other hand, devised the book, designed the layout, edited each contribution and wrote my own too, before self-publishing it through Amazon. It is my finest work to date and I have been in the commercial writing arena for many years.

All the profits are being donated to the Mental Health Foundation, making this book a ‘Work of Heart’.

Intrigued? Get your copy at or

Thank you.

Andrea Nicole. x



Why Write?

Andrea Nicole Smart
Doing what I love

Some do, some don’t…

Some like it, other’s aren’t fussed…

I fall into the category of ‘loving’ it.

What am I referring to? Writing!

Why? Why write? What’s the point? Let me answer that…

For many, like me, writing allows them to record a visible account of what’s in their heads. It can take the form of journaling, poetry, storytelling or something more commercial. I do all the above.

I do all the above and I really do love it.

However, I do know that there are some who really don’t care to write anything down unless they have to. When it comes to my other half, it’s just shopping lists he writes – unless he asks me to do it! So I totally get it! Writing is just not his bag. Perhaps you know someone like that too. Do you understand it?

I have found over the years, in actual fact since I was a nipper, that I can write very well and that my writing is enjoyed by others. I’ve always written stories and poetry but when I began writing in my diary – or journal – as I hit my teenage years, something in me shifted. I could do this just for me. I could remove all the chatter from my mind and read it all later if I wanted to. It also got me into trouble as one of my early boyfriends opened my diary and read the content.

I am a dreamer and I write what comes into my head as well as what’s in my heart. So when he read what I wrote about an ex-boyfriend who was still a friend, he got really mad and told me to tear it up – or scribble over it. I was very impressionable at that age and foolishly, I did what he asked! I scribbled over a lot of my diary as I wouldn’t tear it up – it was way too precious, even with a lot of it now useless!

That relationship was destined not to last of course, and I wish I’d not been so gullible and weak. This very occurrence, however, made me more conscious than ever what journalling meant to me and so I carried on with fervour. I needed to see what was going on in my head. It was a release and often I didn’t even know what I was going to write.

My intuition started to flow through me and I began channelling stories and other content. I had no idea how I knew such things and where all the knowledge was coming from. My poems could be rather passionate in a heated, angry way.

At work, spending 40 years in various environments, moving jobs periodically, I always found my way into writing positions. I even discovered Marketing and Business Development after being released from one company through redundancy. 14 years had earned me some money for training and to find time to work out what was next. So, I chose the Chartered Institute of Marketing and sat my Certificate. This was to be the best decision I made for my career,

As a Writer with Marketing credentials, the next 25 years were pivotal to what I now do for my clients at Compelling Writing Limited. I had learned early on how to precis – or reduce – a document down to intrinsic detail. Now I was to learn the process of editing through compiling articles as the Editor of various newsletters. Other writing opportunities came along as a result of my willingness to be involved with anything where I might devote myself to the written word. This included Bid Writing, which is a unique style of writing, rather technical and certainly rewarding, as winning a bid meant acquiring work for my employers and colleagues.

I founded Compelling Writing Limited a registered company, in March 2016 after yet another redundancy. Instead of taking work under an umbrella company (a type of agency that acts as an employer, taking the hassle out of getting paid) I consulted with some friends and decided to go it alone. It’s been interesting to see how my company’s focus has evolved from Bid Writing to journalism, helping small to medium sized businesses create content for their websites and now to helping individuals write their books.

I am ecstatic with my clients’ successes, I’m with them as they grow, often teaching them how to write compelling content so they feel comfortable establishing their own style.

I work from home, I write and publish my own articles, I talk with thought leaders and I give back to my supporters. This is why I write! I help others write and get their work published, often supporting their business model and I channel content I don’t realise I know. I’m a creative; I don’t wish to be placed in a 6-sided box, there’s time for that when I’m gone from this planet!

So, my question is: “Why do you write?”

Let me know below and perhaps there’s something I might be able to help YOU with.

Thank you. Be sure to enjoy your day by doing what you love.

Andrea Nicole Smart



How My Coaching Will Get You Published (In a Few Short Weeks)

That’s a bold statement isn’t it? Does getting published in so little time daunt you? Or does it excite you? If you have an idea for a book, have been writing a story or have been writing poetry, I imagine this article will probably do one of a few things.

  1. You’ll be terribly excited about seeing your name on the cover of your book resting on the shelves of your local bookshop, jumping around saying “Yes, this is my time” and getting in touch with me to find out how I can help.
  2. You’ll feel intrigued and feeling a little fear around the success of being published. Perhaps you may still contact me, or just take down my details.
  3. You’ll sit there catatonic, whilst you process the fear of not being good enough, that just coursed through your body. You may dismiss my offer!
  4. You’ll be mildly excited, feeling that although you have a good idea for a book, you probably won’t follow it through – or least not for a while. It’s not ready is it?!
  5. You’ll feel downhearted that you might never write a book and never get where you want to be.

So, which category do you fit in? Whichever it is, I can still help you. I know for a fact that EVERYONE has a story they can tell. It might even be your life story!

Here are my solutions to the above:

  1. You’re ready and on top form aren’t you?! Give me your email address and I’ll send you a Discovery Questionnaire via email to guide you through my process. This helps me understand your needs. If I feel I can help you, I’ll offer you a 30-minute Discovery Session.
  2. Ask yourself how being published will help you and possibly your business? Give me your email address and as before, I’ll send you my Discovery Questionnaire. You may qualify for my Accountability Buddy service!
  3. Ask yourself what the cost of NOT being published might be. Why do you want to be a Published Author? What are you fearful of? Let me take your hand through the whole writing, editing and publishing process. Just ‘feel the fear and do it anyway!’ I definitely need your email address, for the Discovery Questionnaire.
  4. Are you unable to lay your idea down on paper? Is the idea great but you don’t know where to start? Have you considered a GHOSTWRITER? Let me help you download your book, write it for you, edit it with your approval and let’s get it published! Simply start the process off by giving me your email address so I can send you an engaging Discovery Questionnaire.
  5. Don’t despair! If you are here and have read this far, you must really want to write something. Perhaps a book, perhaps a novelette or short story or even a book of poetry or Children’s story.  Let me help you write it, whatever ‘it’ is. Give me your email address and I’ll send you my compelling Discovery Questionnaire. It will really guide you to see what you have inside you that is desperate to get out!

Do you see how the solutions above have a common theme? Yes, my process starts off with a Discovery Questionnaire, leading to a potential 30-minute free Discovery Session, to see how I can help you, and work out if we are a good fit for each other.

Please email me at with a request for the Discovery Questionnaire (and maybe tell me if you are one of the above) and let’s take it from there.



By the way, If you don’t feel you can write ‘proper’ English or would like help with the grammar, flow or layout of your book, simply get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.


That’s it for now (and it’s a lot) so I’ll let you process that info and feel into what you want to do next. If you’re on the fence, just get in touch anyway – what harm can it do?!

Thanks and kind regards; be sure to enjoy a fruitful day, whatever you’re doing.


Andrea Nicole Smart

Founding Director, Writer & Editor

Compelling Writing Limited



What’s Compelling About Our Writing?

Associating with the content of any piece of writing is down to a few basic and very personal viewpoints;

  1. Does the topic appeal to my personal values?
  2. Is it laid out in an easy to read style?
  3. How does it begin?
  4. What will I learn from reading this? ie: will my time be well-spent?
  5. Will I enjoy reading it?

You see, we all differ in our preferences and so not everyone will enjoy the same style of writing; it’s got to mirror the style our target audience likes.

So then we must define our target audience first and foremost. This approach is often referred to as defining our niche market.

In business, we can choose from business to business (b2b) or business to consumer (b2c).

Where it’s a more personal piece of writing, it’s different; we need to bring in demographics. These consist of age, gender, location, lifestyle, religion and class. It’s often best to choose your own demographics to start off. Personal knowledge will give you a head start; research will expand your horizons and your target demographic profile.

Compelling writing will only work if you are compelled to work towards understanding your target audience; at Compelling Writing Ltd, this is exactly what we do.